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-Hell in a Handbag Productions - New episode of The Golden Girls Vol. 4 - LOCKDOWN! is available to stream June 19th. Written by David Cerda and directed by Spenser Davis.

Synopsis: Blanche returns from SantaCom with souvenirs, wild tales and possibly Legionnaires disease. The doctor orders a 30-day quarantine. Will the girls make it out before they kill each other?

-Pride Films and Plays - Live Zoom reading of THE LAST SUNDAY IN JUNE by Jonathan Tolins on Sunday, June 28 at 7:00pm. Tickets are $10.

Synopsis: In 2002, Tolins’ penned THE LAST SUNDAY IN JUNE. the day of the annual Gay Pride Parade. Tom and Michael, his partner of seven years, intend to spend the day planning their impending move from the Big Apple to the upstate town of Nyack, but their plans are rerouted as one friend after another drops by to view the parade from the window of their apartment. A series of conversations about relationships follows amid the partying. Since this is the first time in decades the Pride Parade will NOT go down Broadway, the Pride reading celebrates a tradition as it looks at friends and lovers.

-Victory Gardens Theatre - 2020 IGNITION Festival of New Plays: Free readings of new plays every Thursday night at 7pm, June 18 - July 17.

BLACK LIKE ME by Monty Cole (6/18): In 1959, John Howard Griffin began the process of temporarily changing the color of his skin. Two pills, regular sessions under a sun lamp, and skin dye made Griffin’s skin “black enough” to pass as a black man. He set out on a dangerous journey through the South to discover what it was like to be black, writing a journal entry every day. Black Like Me is a collection of those journal entries. Chicago artist Monty Cole’s inventive noir adaptation of the classic memoir reimagines and challenges this seminal work and asks what allyship looks like today.

NORTH STAR by Georgette Kelly (6/25): Hiding out in the woods, Cass and Elliot aren’t sure if they’re the only ones who escaped the shooter at the all-girls camp where they’ve spent the summer. All they know is that they left behind mean girls and new romances and brought with them nothing but the story of voyageurs who sold their souls to sail through the sky in 1823. Georgette Kelly’s heart-wrenching tale of lost innocence interweaves coming-of-age stories with larger-than-life myths to explore questions of violence, love, and trust.

-Theater Wit - CREATING ARTHUR is available to purchase and stream June 18 - July 19 at 7:30pm (Th-Sat) and 3:00pm (Sun). Tickets start at $21.

Synopsis: When does love and duty overpower reason? And, when do we decide to lead or follow? This comic romp explores relationships, art and what is real and true as two estranged brothers attempt to pay a perceived debt to their deceased older sibling. As the two descend into the proverbial rabbit hole, the hilarious situation explodes as they drag everyone they meet into the chaos in an attempt to get their brother’s painting into an art museum.


-Annoyance Theatre - Summer classes are available through online learning. Classes include improv, auditioning, stand up, etc…

-Chicago Filmmakers - Online classes throughout the summer include Film & TV Production Assistant Training, Film Producing, Screenwriting, etc…


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