On Quarantine with Chris Stryker


Terrible news today I found out my roommate was symptomatic and tested positive for COVID 19 with a fever that went up to 104. He is unable to come home so he is staying in a hotel until he can do so.

This is horrible for him to go through, it is made the reality of the situation hit home for me.

Being in lockdown is tough, growing up on a farm has made it a lot easier to deal with because I was separated from society constantly. working along Harvest day before sunrise to after sunset some nights coming home only to eat alone from a long workday because everyone else had already gone to bed from working as well. So isolation is not a problem, I am used to not being around people for long periods of time.

I am nearly 60 now. I was born with Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID) then in 1993, I was diagnosed with HIV.

Both my boyfriends died before I was diagnosed with HIV, in the early years of the virus. I have lost so many people I have loved and known throughout my life and I think my biggest fear is to have to go through all that again with this pandemic. My last Boyfriend passed away last year so death is becoming a bit surreal.

For years I tested false positives for HIV. Most likely because I had Common Variable immune deficiency (CVID) thus preventing me from developing the antibodies and casing inconclusive test results. My immune system didn't know how to deal with HIV for years.

When I finally saw a doctor who tested my viral load it was over 5 million. They started me on the only HIV medication they had at the time (AZT- antiretroviral medication) and later a mixture of medications. The combination of meds that kept me alive but also was very hard on my liver and kidneys. The largest number of pills I took in a day was 36 pills.
I had very bad complications from them all ... The worst was liver failure, damage to the spleen, and damage to the kidneys. All these problems have put me at a higher risk for COVID-19.

My sister is a microbiologist and she keeps me up to date with medical updates on HIV

We often speculated that NOT IF but when we will have another ..how contagious it will be. Today a disease can travel around the world in days when it use to be years.

It's as bad as the FLU but more deadly in most cases. It is as contagious as the flu but with a longer incubation period and a high mortality rate.

It took Europe a century to recover from the bubonic plague economically and in population.

Coved19 is from a family of viruses that include SARS H1N1 and rhinovirus. No researcher has ever found a vaccine for any of the viruses in this family. A treatment is a more likely event than a cure.
HIV is the one that comes to mind in this regard but it is a retrovirus. So we may have better luck with coved19.
I don't see an easy answer or cure. We most likely will see more dead then more cured if/or when we get a vaccine.
I went into lockdown 2 weeks before the state wanted us to... at the time we didn't know it was an air-born virus. How long it had been here or who was at the highest risk for contracting it and possibly dying. I was exposed despite my best efforts, thankfully I have tested negative. Sometimes I think I live a charmed life. But anyone who survives two epidemics while their friends and loved ones die would feel the same.

HIV treatments have left me on disability and unable to afford my condo without my boyfriend. So I have had to rent out the spare room. If my roommate can’t return or afford to pay rent because he can’t work I may soon become a casualty of this epidemic in a new way, and that is a new stress to deal with.

I do hope we can come up with a viable cure. I know people my age group are dying.

Yes, I do think it will come back like the flu and it will mutate like the flu and we will have to do this all over again.

If it all were to end tomorrow I wouldn't be worried about myself.....I am happy with the life I’ve lived. But darn it I would rather live and continue to be a good person I strive to be.


By Chirs Stryker. Created on May 21, 2020. Updated Oct. 26, 2020. From Health & Fitness.