Retail Shops in Boystown Accommodate Customers Despite Stay-at-Home Order

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You might be one of the thousands of Americans who have received their stimulus checks and are getting unemployment checks in the mail. With that money you probably paid your rent and stocked up on groceries that will last you a couple weeks, and you’re looking for something fun to do in your home that isn’t binge-watching the latest Netflix series. With that extra money, you decide to pour yourself a glass of wine and do a little online shopping! Who says that retail therapy isn’t a real thing?!? Instead of going on Amazon, why not support a local business and shop there? Egoist and CRAM are two retail businesses in the Boystown area that are still open through online orders!

Egoist specializes in men’s designer underwear, swimwear, and athletic wear. The store owner, Sylwester Jurczynski, has been busy making accommodations for customers at home. After you make an order online, Egoist is offering 60-minute or less curbside pickup for their products, and if you’d rather stay at home they are offering free shipping for Illinois residents (no minimum order). Jurczynski said that dozens of new products have been added to the clearance section and if a customer spends $50 or more on merchandise, they receive a free pair of socks from Socks n Socks. The store has also been selling “Care Packages” which include items from the store depending on which box you select. For example, one box includes a jockstrap and a harness. Another box includes a jockstrap, socks, and lube; all products discounted when bought in a “Care Package.” Despite the decline of sales in retail stores, Jurczynski says that, “What makes us hopeful is the help and the response we got from our customers, our patrons as well as Northalsted Business Alliance. I can't thank NorthalstedBusiness Alliance enough for all the support they have been providing since the very beginning of this crisis. They arranged multiple webinars, surveys and even sent personalized emails asking on how they can be of assistance.”​ In the future, Egoist is planning on introducing 3 new underwear/swimwear brands as well as new collections from their current vendors! Here is a link to Egoist’s website:

CRAM is another local business in Boystown that sells ready-to-wear clothes like shirts, pants, jackets, accessories, etc. They are even selling high-fashion masks! Since 2009, CRAM has been a “brick and mortar” store that only provided products in-store. “We spent many hours each day for a week developing our website and changing it into an online store,” said Danny Cairns, CRAM’s store manager. “This is the only way we have been able to deal with the COVID-19 shutdown and thankfully, people have responded well to it!” After making a purchase on the website, you either have the option to pick it up at the store or have it shipped to you. Danny Cairns and Anthony Shevock, the other store manager, have been volunteering their time to fill orders in the store and to manage the new CRAM website. CRAM has also been selling their new ‘Together’ T-shirts, designed by Stephane Gonzales, to promote the message that “although we are separated, we are still together.” The ‘Together’ T-shirt is among one of the many T-shirts that CRAM has designed and sold exclusively in the store. Cairns adds, “​ We want to thank everyone that has shown support towards CRAM over the last few months. These have been scary times not only for us, but for every small business affected. Shopping and supporting local business is more important now than ever before and we are thankful we have such a loyal client base not only in Chicago, but across the country.”​ Check out the ‘Together’T-shirt and all of the other high fashion clothes on CRAM’s website:

Both retail businesses are hopeful to open doors back up in June and both are excited to have their regular staff and customers back inside their stores!


By Michael Christopher Radford. Created on May 21, 2020. Updated Oct. 26, 2020. From Editorials & Opinions.

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