When Will This Isolation End?


This is the obvious question, especially from someone who is in the vulnerable population. Nevertheless, I actually have ambivalent feelings about the pandemic and the isolation. Certainly an early end would be welcome because I am particularly vulnerable. 1/3 of all hospitalization cases in my age bracket die. On the other hand, there are far worse possibilities which scare me more: stroke, heart attack anyone?

Like so many others, I don’t confine myself to the apartment—I go out to Mariano’s or Walgreens and perhaps two or three times a week simply go for a walk to exercise. During my excursions (for which I do wear a mask), it seems that perhaps half of the people I see aren’t wearing a mask. Quite a few don’t maintain social distance. In all honesty, one doesn’t know if they are roommates or significant others so that they can’t maintain social distance at home and they may wear a mask in public spaces other than the sidewalk.

Does this bother me? In truth, not really. If I were young and still felt immortal (as does every young person), I might do the same. Having said that, we do need to flatten the curve so that all of us can see our friends again in person, join in social activities, have places open that we can go. The prospect of months on end of this is too horrible to endure.

There has been an unexpected upside for the isolation. Since there’s no place to go, I have become much more disciplined in my day, cleaning house and learning a new language or two. For me personally, the biggest problem with all this is the inability to plan for the future. What I want to do in 4 to 5 months is dependent on society opening again.


By Robert Cox. Created on May 2, 2020. Updated Oct. 26, 2020. From Health & Fitness.